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Supporting First Parish

Every "slice of life" at First Parish depends on the generosity and active participation of our members and friends. Whether it's your time, talents, or financial support, your contribution can make a difference!





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Donation with Paypal

If you would like to support the work of this congregation with a one-time donation online via Paypal, please click on the "Donate" button below.


Planned Giving

Please contact the church office for more information:




“Wherever you turn, you can find someone who needs you. Even if it is a little thing, do something for which there is no pay but the privilege of doing it.

Remember, you don't live in a world all of your own.” 

Albert Schweitzer


First Parish offers many opportunities to deepen our commitment to each other and the wider world by sharing our time, gifts and talents. Worshiping, working and playing together is what makes our community a very special place. Please let us know your interests by completing
our Volunteer Survey. To jump right in, please volunteer using the following links or contact Sandy Boczenowski, FP Volunteer Coordinator.


Brighten a Sunday morning together:





Sunday Morning Ushers, Coffee Team and Greet Newcomers


Contribute Focal Point or Flowers for Sunday Services


Snacks for Sunday Morning Community Hour


FPB "Laundry Ministry"



Consider what your interests and available time may allow when you volunteer, but please jump in. All are welcome!


Possibilities include:

  • Organizing or helping with individual events, Sunday services, pot lucks
    • Ushering at Sunday services
    • Making and serving coffee on Sunday mornings
    • Helping out at the Annual Plant & Craft Fair
  • Committing to help out on a regular schedule
    • Serving on a committee
    • Assisting in the Sunday School
  • Reaching beyond First Parish, by connecting with the larger community
    • Taking part in one of many Social Action Projects
    • Discovering more about UUs through Mass Bay District events or the UUA
    • Visiting our Partner Church in Transylvania


There are so many benefits all around when you participate more fully in the life of First Parish.


For more ways to make the connection...

                                   contact Sandy Boczenowski, FP Volunteer Coordinator


And check out our Gifts and Interests Survey: First Parish Survey  (easy to fill out and submit online)


Download this file (FPB_UpstairsCoffeeDirections.pdf)FPB_UpstairsCoffeeDirections.pdf[ ]193 Kb
Download this file (Sunday Morning Tasks - Coffee Prep.doc)Preparing Coffee and Tea for Sunday Morning Services[Not quite complete: see pictures at church near coffee machine for table setup]1016 Kb
Download this file (Usher Duties and Responsibilities 2015-2.doc)Usher Duties and Responsibilities 2015-2.doc[ ]47 Kb
Download this file (Welcome Table Greeters.doc)Welcome Table Greeter Duties[ ]28 Kb

Did you know that you can support First Parish through your purchases of everyday necessities and gift items?



Through a partnership with Amazon and Powell's online booksellers, First Parish earns a commission on sales that originate from the links below.

In Association with







Fair-trade coffee, tea, chocolate, and olive oil

Get your caffeine and chocolate fix from a socially responsible source, Equal Exchange, sold at coffee hour most Sundays.  Also available for sale are 750mL bottles of extra virgin olive oil.  First Parish receives 20% of the proceeds from all sales of these items.





Quabbin Clear – Think Outside the Bottle!

altNow available for purchase: stainless steel water bottles bearing the "Quabbin Clear MWRA Tap Water" logo designed by Sing Hanson.

altIntended to support the human right to water, excoriating the "corporate boondoggle" of bottled water, and supporting the water rights advocacy of our UU Service Committee, the fair-trade bottles are available in the church office and on Sundays at $10 apiece, turquoise blue or brushed steel. Fill from your own tap - for pennies a gallon!  Don't buy bottled water! Think outside the bottle!




First Parish T-shirts, Cookbooks, and Postcards

Available for sale at the church office and on occasional Sundays, with all proceeds benefiting First Parish.  For more information, please contact or call (781) 275-7994.



altThese colorful T-shirts are available in adult and children's sizes.  Logo on front, plain on back.alt


altCopies of the First Parish cookbook, "Recipes from the Common Cupboard" are still available! 

Economic stimulus price $10 (originally $20).


altPostcards of First Parish from original paintings by Bedford artist Anne MacRae MacLeod

4 for $1.00



"Edict of Torda" posters

altSepia print 16"x20" of Aladar Korosfoi-Kriesch's famous painting of Francis David and the 1568 Proclamation of Religious Freedom at Torda, Transylvania. Key and history included.  $20 includes shipping & handling.


Sales of this poster will benefit The Dormitory Project in Kolozsvár (The Unitarian Center for Students and Pilgrims), The Partner Church Council, and The Bedford-Abásfalva partnership.

Please use our online order form or download the printable form below to purchase.

Download this file (EdictOfTordaOrderForm.doc)EdictOfTordaOrderForm.doc[Printable form to order by mail or fax]98 Kb


75 Great Rd. Bedford, MA 01730
(781) 275-7994
Office hours: Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm
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