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The Bedford Lyceum

A Forum on the Arts, Spirituality, Science and Justice

chaired by Ginny Packer

Sunday mornings from 9:00 - 9:50 (unless otherwise noted)  note new time!

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Fall 2015

Our Lyceums will be a bit different this year since we’ve opted for the one-service model. The Lyceums will run from 9:00-9:50am on most Sundays. Occasionally we will have the Lyceum after the service when we need more time, and potential broader community participation.

We look forward to another year of thought-provoking and exciting programs. Below is what is planned so far.

Dorothy Africa, Meredith McCulloch, Dave Packer, Ginny Packer (chair),
Doris Smith (vice chair), and Phil Vitiello


November 2015

November 1: “The Stigma of Mental Illness: What It Is and What To Do About It” with Dolly Sadow, a practicing psychologist, who sees stigma as the biggest obstacle to recovery from mental illness. She will guide us in a talk about an issue which impacts so many of our families and us.


November 8: “Religious Diversity in America: The Pluralism Project at Harvard University” with Whittney Barth. Over the past five decades, immigration has dramatically changed the religious landscape of the United States. In 1991, under the direction of Dr. Diana Eck, the Pluralism Project at Harvard University began a pioneering study of this changing landscape. Today, in partnership with an expanding network of affiliates and students, the Pluralism Project continues to document the contours of our multi-religious society, explore new forms of interfaith engagement, study the impact of religious diversity in civic life, and contextualize these findings within a global framework. Join us for a presentation and Q&A with Whittney Barth, assistant director of the Pluralism Project.


November 15 from 11:45am-1:00pm SPECIAL EARLY AFTERNOON LYCEUM IN THE SANCTUARY: "Give Good Gifts - The Simple Gifts of Shaker Music” presented by Roger Hall, Shaker music scholar and composer. The United Society of Shakers is America's oldest communal society, founded in the 1780s. They are among the most prolific religious folk cultures having composed over 10,000 tunes from the 18th to 20th centuries. Much of their early music was composed in New York State and New England and that will be the focus of this program and will include two of their best-known Shaker songs, "Give Good Gifts" (heard on NPR radio) and "Simple Gifts" (performed in arrangements by Aaron Copland at inauguration ceremonies for President Ronald Reagan and President Bill Clinton). Roger will share some history, pictures and video clips, and Brad Conner has assembled a wonderful quartet of First Parish singers Buffie Groves, Larry Herz, Laura Kalb, and Carol Krusemark, who will give live renditions of some the music Roger will be discussing.


November 22: “Aligning our Holiday Spending with our Values” with Rebecca Neale. With constant pressure to give the perfect gift and meet expectations for how the holidays should be celebrated, our personal finances can feel out of control in December. Join us to reflect, problem-solve, and set priorities and goals that will help you celebrate the holidays more meaningfully while spending less money. This Lyceum will be in a workshop format. Hear strategies for combating common challenges and share insight for aligning the holidays to your financial values. Childcare will be available with pre-registration (more information about this to follow).


November 29No Lyceum – Thanksgiving Weekend


December 2015

December 6: “An Anthropologist Looks at Native American Art: The False Face Society of the Iroquois” with Dr. George Epple, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology, Rhode Island College (1971-2009). The program will include an introduction to an anthropological perspective on art. Key concepts, such as “culture cf. society” and “Western cf. Non-Western” will be explained, as will the difference between Western “fine art” approaches to art versus that of the anthropological perspective on “art in its cultural context.” The application of these concepts and approaches will be illustrated by an examination of the masks of the traditional “False Face Societies” of the Iroquois of the Northeastern Woodlands.


December 13: “The Whipple Brunch: A Journey Through Cancer: The fears, tears, tiaras and tornadoes” with Andrea Cleghorn. Andrea was at home one October night when she felt a pinch in her right side, followed by a cramp, then was blindsided by a jackhammer blast that knocked her off her chair onto her living room floor. That was the beginning of physicians, incisions and decisions, including To Whipple or Not? For months she was married to medicine, but a mail order bride who wanted out. Her trek through the landscape of renal cell cancer was a foreign landscape littered with unexpected stumbling blocks, but also a river of kindness and grace…and absurdity. “You couldn’t make this up” was the mantra. Her friends kept her laughing. These are her stories. The least she could do was to have a brunch for these people.

(Note from Ginny Packer – this, Andrea’s latest book, will be published at the beginning of December. This will be its public debut. I’ve read it and it is a testimony to courage, friendship, and making gallons and gallons of lemonade when life hands you lemons – wonderful, inspiring and hilarious on so many levels. I will be buying several copies from her for holiday gifts.)




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