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  Lisa Rubin. Director of Religious Education




A Message from Our Director of Religious Education

Welcome to First Parish in Bedford! This is a safe place for children (fondly called our UU Kids) and youth to explore and discover what is important in their lives and what it means to be a Unitarian Universalist.  We affirm the uniqueness of our young people, and celebrate their various cultures, races, families, gender identities and sexual orientations.  Here they find a strong religious heritage from which to learn and grow while developing a sense of their own values for living. Through a variety of experiences they are encouraged to have questioning minds and explore the spiritual world in which they live. We have fun together as we reach out near and far to explore the gifts that life has to offer and participate in justice making for the betterment of our world.


Please take time and read through our information to learn about the various programs we offer to support your child’s faith development and sense of community here with us at First Parish.  Members of the Religious Education Committee and I are committed to making sure that you and your family have a positive and enriching experience.  I am happy to meet with you and your family to discuss our program of Religious Exploration and Faith Development, how you can participate and the ways it can enhance your lives.  Please feel free to contact me.


May you find many blessings in your day,

Lisa Rubin


A Message from Our Ministers


Welcome to Religious Education at First Parish!

Actually, everything we do - the Sunday morning services, the classes, the ways we treat one another, the fun things and the serious things- everything we do is a learning experience for all of us- adults, kids, and for both of us too.  Together we learn to walk our talk and live our ideals.

At First Parish we learn more about ourselves and our world, ancient traditions and modern thoughts.  Here we are exposed to ideas and people different from the familiar.  Here we “open our minds to truth, our conscience to justice, and our hearts to love.”

We would love for your family to participate.  Please let us know how we may help you to be a part of this special community.  At First Parish, all can teach and all can learn.  

We all explore together…

John Gibbons and Megan Lynes



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