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Sunday Morning Experience

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Prior to the start of RE programs, our UU Kids begin their Sunday mornings at either the 9:00 a.m. or the 11:00 a.m. service. After leaving this multi-generational community, UU Kids gather for a brief ingathering before heading to their religious education Sunday morning program.

 Sunday Morning Schedule:

8:45       Nursery Opens for infants & toddlers
9:00 Worship Service & R.E. Program
10:30 R.E. Program ends (parents pick up PS-3rd Graders)
10:30 Nursery Closes
10:45 Nursery re-opens for infants & toddlers
11:00 Worship Service & R.E. Program
12:30 R.E. Program ends (parents pick up PS-3rd Graders)
12:45 Nursery Closes












The Religious Education and Faith Development of our young Unitarian Universalists depends on the stewardship of time, talent and treasure by the adults here at First Parish in Bedford. Adults share time and talent by leading RE classes, groups and activities; or by interacting with the children and youth in the various multi-generational programs we have in our faith community. The RE program is funded by the congregation’s annual budget. We encourage parents to contribute by pledging as best you can to First Parish. Please contact Joan Petros, Parish Administrator, for more info.


The RE classroom time offers our UU Kids the opportunity to explore, learn and grow together in settings that best meet age and developmental needs. Our curriculum first introduces young children to the life of First Parish in Bedford as a Unitarian Universalist faith community. They learn about the Seven Principles which are embedded in the covenant we hold as members of the Unitarian Universalist Association. How we each affirm and promote the Seven Principles is explored through the years in our religious education program. Our curricula embody the Seven Principles as they explore the sources from which we draw our “Living Tradition.” The RE years build upon one another and are strongly supported by previous learning as our youth move into further exploration during their Coming of Age and senior youth years.
These special Sundays support stronger bonds in our faith community. Young people enrolled in both the 9AM and 11AM RE program join together for multi-age exploration, fun, service projects and popular First Parish traditions. It is also a wonderful time when adults in the congregation who are not usually part of the teaching teams join in community with the UU Kids.
We have music programs for young people in grades K through 12:
KidSing (grades K-3), Junior Youth Choir (grades 3-5) and Senior Youth Choir (grades 6-12): Janet Welby, Director (  Click here to learn more about our music programs for all ages!



With the guidance of First Parish’s Childcare Committee, the childcare staff works each Sunday morning to tend to the nurturing of infants and toddlers until they are ready to participate in the religious education program of First Parish
Childcare is available during both of the Sunday morning services. For specific information regarding childcare and guidelines, please see the Childcare Committee Brochure.

*Parents using the Nursery during the Sunday morning service are asked to register their children with the Nursery Room Staff.


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